I’ve recorded myself while playing through the whole game and created this video walkthrough so that you can do the same! The video walkthrough. 00070309638977051 Y: Kingdom Rush - CASTLE BLACKBURN - Heroic - Veteran (Hard) Subscribe Our Channel: https://goo. Kingdom Rush HD (Bonus Premium Level 22 Castle Blackburn) Heroic || Hero - Thor. Hey folks! I recently got hooked on Kingdom Rush which released on Steam a few days ago. : 0. gl/VqYPoY [THANKS FOR WATCHING]-----Take a look around and be sure to leave comments with any quest Castle Blackburn is the twenty-sixth stage in Kingdom Rush and the fourth in the Curse of Castle Blackburn mini-campaign available on Steam, iOS and Android. All Levels: Campaign, Heroic and Iron modes. Prepare to face dread and despair, as you embark on a quest to lift The Curse of Castle Blackburn! Update features: In this Video Guide youll see a complete Walkthrough of Kingdom Rush. January 10, 2018 Hello Steam fans!! Were happy to announce that The Curse of Castle Blackburn is now available! From its unholy castle, Lord Blackburn has risen and threatens to enshroud the realms in perpetual darkness. Have fun! For gamers that truly appreciate their tower defense genre however, July 4th 2014 is a day that will be remember forever as one where perhaps some Kingdom Rush fans took the time to have a little look at Kingdom Rush: The Curse of Castle Blackburn, a free expansion to the original Steam-based Kingdom Rush that is available for PC. Click on a level on the image below and choose a mode! It’s as simple as that . If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. GAME OF CROWNS Defeat Lord Blackburn and preserve peace between realms! This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it

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