The Times quotes Damon Parker on the launch of the emissions claims against Renault and Nissan

The Times wrote today about the widening of the ongoing emissions scandal with the claims launched by Harcus Parker against Renault and Nissan.  The claims include allegations that there is evidence showing a form of emissions test ‘defeat device’ was fitted by Nissan to petrol models of the Qashqai.  This is the first time evidence like this has […]

Harcus Parker launches Renault-Nissan emissions claim

Harcus Parker has today announced that it is investigating claims on behalf of owners of Renault and Nissan vehicles which are alleged to have been fitted with defeat devices. This follows the announcement last month that it was investigating claims on behalf of owners of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Damon Parker has been quoted by the BBC, […]

Renault-Nissan Emissions Litigation: if you have owned or leased a Renault of Nissan since 2009