Civil fraud litigation


We act on large-scale civil fraud claims. Our team has experience of securing the type of specialised application that can become necessary in instances of civil fraud, such as applications for urgent injunctive relief, including asset preservation / freezing orders and asset disclosure orders. We also work with disputes investigatory and asset tracing firms to locate fraudulently misappropriated assets, and facilitate recovery for our clients.

Our recent cases include:

  • representing a leading litigation funder in one of the largest cases by number of parties before the Commercial Court, with over 20 parties making claims to assets said to be worth in excess of £150 million held in various jurisdictions; 
  • acting for the primary defendants in a Commercial Court fraud claim for US$1-2 billion arising out of the sale of a major Thai renewable energy business; 
  • representing the liquidators of three venture capital trusts in conducting investigations and pursuing claims relating to the actions of the former investment manager and former liquidators, and the alleged misappropriation of the trusts’ assets.

Key contacts

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