Group litigation & class actions 


We specialise in bringing group claims and class actions that represent the interests of a diverse range of individuals, institutions, and corporates.  Our practice encompasses High Court proceedings, together with specialist tribunals, such as the collective proceedings mechanisms available in the Competition Appeal Tribunal. 

Clients who claim in a group benefit from significant costs savings compared to the expense of bringing a claim alone, as well as from the clear advantages of strength in numbers and a shared strategy.

We have many years of experience of running groups of claimants and achieving successful outcomes for them. The task of organising, building and managing group claims is a skill in itself, requiring efficiency of administration and careful management of costs and risk. Our market-leading processes for taking on clients are much imitated.


A group claim or class action which is not properly structured and managed will fail. We can help to put the group architecture in place, so that the agreements between the individual members and the group and its advisers are watertight.

We offer a full range of services necessary to initiate and successfully conclude group claims and class actions.  For most group actions, third-party funding and ATE insurance are essential. We will help you to obtain funding and insurance. In appropriate cases, we may agree to defer our fees until funding is obtained or work on a no win, no fee basis, either with or without external funding.


Examples of some our current group claims include:

  • acting for businesses, schools, charities, sports clubs, faith groups and any other non-domestic energy users to recover the cost of energy broker commissions secretly added by suppliers to energy bills;
  • representing thousands of homeowners who took out mortgages with Northern Rock who have been trapped paying high rates of interest on their mortgages;
  • acting as legal representatives for thousands supermarket staff in an equal pay claim against Tesco;
  • acting for thousands of students and former students in compensation claims against UK universities relating to the fact that they were charged full fees for online or cancelled tuition during the pandemic and staff strikes. 

You can find out more about our current group claims and class actions, including how to join, by clicking here.


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