Court Ordered Notice in Relation to Claims in Certain Property in Commercial Court Proceedings (In the matter of Gerald Martin Smith, CL-2017-000323)

Pursuant to paragraph 11 of the order of Mr Justice Foxton dated 20 May 2020 (the ‘Order’), Harbour Fund II LP (the Seventh Respondent), has instructed its lawyers, Harcus Parker, to post a copy of Schedule 4 to the Order on its website.  Schedule 4 of the Order reads as follows: IN THE HIGH COURT OF […]

Damon Parker quoted in The Sun on the launch of the Mercedes-Benz Emissions Litigation.

Damon Parker was quoted today in The Sun on the legal battle for compensation for Mercedes owners whose vehicles may have contained defeat devices to avoid emissions laws.  As a result of the alleged defeat devices Harcus Parker argues that customers overpaid for their vehicles and are entitled to compensation. You can read the full […]

Sophie Clarke writes about the importance of equal pay for supermarket workers who are asked to go above and beyond during the Covid-19 outbreak

Sophie Clarke was published today in The Grocer, a magazine leading coverage of the supermarket and consumables sector. Sophie writes that many leading supermarkets have promised to pay their in-store workers more to reflect the additional responsibilities they have assumed and risks they are taking to serve customers amidst the outbreak of Covid-19.  She notes, however, […]

Damon Parker comments in The Times on the difficulties mortgage prisoners are facing during the outbreak of Covid-19

On Saturday 11 April 2020, The Times wrote about the difficulties mortgage prisoners are experiencing in accessing the kind of relief which many lenders are currently making available to homeowners during the outbreak of Covid-19.  Damon comments in the article that many of our clients in the Mortgage Prisoner Litigation are being refused payment holidays by their lenders, […]

Mercedes-Benz Emissions Litigation: If you have owned or leased a diesel Mercedes-Benz since 2011