Sophie Clarke writes about the importance of equal pay for supermarket workers who are asked to go above and beyond during the Covid-19 outbreak

Sophie Clarke was published today in The Grocer, a magazine leading coverage of the supermarket and consumables sector.

Sophie writes that many leading supermarkets have promised to pay their in-store workers more to reflect the additional responsibilities they have assumed and risks they are taking to serve customers amidst the outbreak of Covid-19.  She notes, however, that the increase Tesco have awarded only brings the pay of in-store workers roughly into line with what its warehouse workers normally receive and asks if those workers who are putting their health and safety at increased risk are indeed being paid fairly.  

You can read Sophie’s article in full on The Grocer’s website (behind a paywall). 

Harcus Sinclair UK Limited, a subsidiary of Harcus Parker, is acting for thousands of current and former Tesco workers in their equal pay claim against Tesco.  You can find out more by visiting our campaign website here or by phoning us on 0203 995 3901.