The Victoria Derbyshire show returns to the issue of mortgage prisoners

After Damon Parker’s interview on the Victoria Derbyshire show in December last year to discuss the launch of the Mortgage Prisoner Litigation, Rachel Neale appeared on the show on 13 July to talk about the pressure of being a mortgage prisoner on key workers and to ask for the introduction of a cap on standard variable interest rates.  Rachel is the chairwoman of committee of claimants who represent everyone who has joined the litigation and instructed us to bring claims against their lenders. 

Rachel’s appearance was accompanied by an article on the BBC News website, which you can read by clicking here.  She says:

“Families are being crippled by these high interest rates and aren’t able to live properly because of it. We need action immediately before things get even worse and drive people into further arrears or cause repossessions.”

We are supporting Rachel in her campaign for justice for mortgage prisoners.  The claims we are bringing seek to establish that lenders were not entitled to set the interest rates at the high level they have been set at and borrowers should therefore be entitled to compensation based on the difference between the high level and the lower level of interest which they should have paid.  This could amount to many thousands of pounds for each borrower.  If we are successful, we hope the compensation borrowers receive will provide some recompense for any hardship they have endured and make it easier for them going forward.

You can register to bring a claim by visiting our dedicated campaign website by clicking here.