Public Health Campaigning Organisation Medact provide resources for Harcus Parker litigation on the impact of diesel emissions on health

Medact, a public health campaigning organisation and home of the Doctors Against Diesel Campaign will be providing resources on the health impact of air pollution and expert medical advice in the litigation being brought by Harcus Parker which aims to hold car manufacturers to account for unlawful breaches of emissions regulations.
Medact’s Doctors Against Diesel Campaign is supported by some of the leading UK experts on the health impacts of air pollution and is committed to improving air quality and, in particular, preventing the exposure of school children to illegal levels of NOx in our towns and cities.

Medact has commented:

the health impacts of diesel pollution are vast, affecting children and adults throughout life. Long-term exposure is linked to the development and/or worsening of asthma, and is linked to strokes, heart disease and diabetes and even harms cognitive health. It is vital that the car companies who created this public health crisis are held to account for their role in creating and exasperating ill health related to air pollution.”

Harcus Parker has launched claims against car manufacturers Mercedes, Renault and Nissan for what it says are breaches of European emissions regulations. You can find out more about the claims Harcus Parker are bringing on each of our dedicated campaigns websites which can be found via the links below,  or contacting us at  


Renault and Nissan

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