Claims issued in the Whistletree Mortgage Prisoners group litigation

Harcus Parker has today issued a claim on behalf of hundreds of former and current “Whistletree” customers of TSB against TSB in relation to the level of interest charged on their mortgages.

The Claimants originally took out their mortgages with Northern Rock. Their mortgages were sold to TSB in a process which concluded in 2016, which then proceeded to administer them as “Whistletree” branded mortgages. The claim alleges that, after assuming ownership of the Claimants’ mortgages, TSB charged excessive levels of interest, in breach of the mortgages’ terms and conditions. There is an additional claim being pursued by Whistletree customers with so-called “Together” mortgages regarding the existence of unfairness in the lending relationship between the customers and lender.

Current and former Whistletree customers are potentially eligible to join the claim. You can find out more and register via our dedicated claim website here:

You can contact the team working on the case by email on

In addition, Harcus Parker is acting for thousands of other homeowners who originally took out their mortgages with Northern Rock and found that they were subsequently sold to a host of other lenders, including NRAM, Landmark Mortgages, and Heliodor Mortgages. You can find out more about the wider Mortgage Prisoner group litigation here: