Harcus Parker commences collective proceedings in the Commercial Card Class Action

Acting on behalf of the proposed class representatives, Harcus Parker has made applications in the Competition Appeal Tribunal for collective proceedings orders against various Visa and Mastercard entities.

The class action relates to the level of the Merchant Interchange Fee Visa and Mastercard have charged to merchants in respect of inter-regional card transactions and/or commercial card transactions. It is open to all business, including large international and local businesses, as well as some non-UK companies.

Businesses with an annual pre-Covid turnover of less than £100 million will automatically be included in the claim, unless they choose to opt-out. Businesses with an annual pre-Covid turnover of £100 million or more are invited to opt-in to the claim. They can do so using our online registration process, which can be accessed here: https://commercialcardclaim.co.uk/.

Our competition team who are working on the matter can be contacted by email on commercialcardclaim@harcusparker.co.uk.