Energy Litigation


We act for business clients who may be owed significant compensation from energy companies.

Millions of businesses and other organisations across the UK may be owed tens of thousands of pounds as a result of secret commissions paid by energy companies to third party introducers , or brokers.

Harcus Parker understands that these ‘secret commissions’ or ‘bribes’ have been paid to brokers for more than a decade, helping to inflate the energy bills of small businesses and other community organisations. Typically, an energy supplier will pay a broker commission based on the amount of energy used by the end customer. Documents we have seen suggest commissions range from between 3p per kWh to as much as 10p per kWh consumed. The energy supplier then recovers the cost of this commission by increasing the unit price paid by the customer. Customers are often not told about this practice and do not know that a proportion of their energy bill is being used to pay their broker commission. In law, an undisclosed commission such as this, is characterised as a bribe.

The failure of energy companies to tell their customers that they paid brokers these ‘bribes’ means that this money can now be claimed back by their customers. The amounts owed can be significant and will depend on the uplift applied to your energy bill, the amount of energy used, and the length of each affected contract.


Businesses, charities, schools, clubs or faith groups which have used an energy broker to negotiate gas or electricity deals may be able to claim, if they were unaware of the existence or size of a commission that would be paid. Visit to find out more.