Home REIT Claim

“But the law firm Harcus Parker, which is bringing an investor lawsuit, says A&M’s findings merely confirm that “the information disclosed by and on behalf of the company misrepresented how it was operating its business”. As it puts it: “It is now up to investors to hold both the company and its adviser to account.” Too right. Both the board and Alvarium should be in the dock for this fiasco.”

Alistair Osborne, The Times, 31 May 2023


We are bringing claims on behalf of investors in Home REIT who have suffered losses on their investments.

The claim contends that investors were provided with information about Home REIT which is untrue and misleading and, as a result of which, investors have suffered loss. The information which is intended to form the basis of the claim relates to:

  • Home REIT’s social impact, and particularly the extent to which its property portfolio would be used to help solve the problem of homelessness;
  • Home REIT’s compliance with the company’s stated investment objective and policy in how it has deployed investors’ money;
  • whether the company’s business model in practice accorded with what investors were told about how it operated; and
  • the valuation of Home REIT’s assets.


Anyone who has held or continues to hold shares in Home REIT, either directly or through an
intermediatory, is eligible to register their interest in joining the claim.